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"I want to take the time to recommend George and Kathee Stepan, and their Rekindle the Flame Ministries. We had them for a Family Conference and they truly blessed our congregation.  Our people warmly received them and were edified by their ministry. George is a gifted preacher of the Word with a heart to see the church revitalized."  

- Pastor Steve

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"I want to heartily commend the ministry of George and Kathee and their leadership of RTFM. They ministered to us for a second time in January, and we had a wonderful experience. George is a god-used revivalist who really speaks to the church's needs in his messages and teaching. The six-hour session went by so quickly I could hardly believe it was over. The final climactic Sunday service was a beginning of a continual spirit of expectancy and harvest we have experienced as a congregation ever since they have ministered here. If you would like to get in the position as a church to receive the full effects of revival, contact the Stepans. They have the right approach that god uses to produce such an effect." 

- Pastor Dan

"Thank you for letting God use you in revival ministry. Because of your transparency God worked in a great way! People’s lives were changed and I believe we have only seen the beginning of what God is going to do at Outreach. Thank you for preaching the Word of God in a practical way that the Spirit could apply to our lives. Many Christians made decisions to let God have complete control over their lives. Not only that, but people received Jesus Christ as their Savior. On a personal note I want to thank you for the encouragement you gave my wife and myself to press on. Ministry is often a lonely place. Thank you for caring for Pastors."

- Pastor Andy

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"It has been our privilege to host the Rekindle The Flame Ministries on two occasions. The first time I brought George and Kathlee Stepan to North Carolina was because a friend said I should. On their second journey to our fellowship, it was the Lord who brought them to my people. I intend to use them every time the Lord offers the opportunity. I cannot say enough about their ministry. My people enjoy their teaching. Kathee inspires our women; George inspires our men. They bring deep truths from God's word alive for the people of the Church to receive. My people enjoy preaching. George has a contagious style with wit and spontaneity; but, most importantly, freshly anointed by the holy spirit. George and Kathee are especially gifted for ministry to the family. Use them in your Church. I promise you will not be disappointed.

- Pastor Eddie

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