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Fold Focus

Man Accepting God


Jesus said"I am  the Way, the Truth, and the Life . . ." He meant that He and only He is the way to God, He is truth brought into Reality, and He is the Christian Life. The first focus of RTFM is helping people understand that their Christian life will be real when he lives His life through them instead of trying to produce a Christian life through human effort. After all, Christ is the only one Who can live the Christian life, so let Him receive the word and live it out -  through you

John 14:6

Faith can move Mountains
Matthew 17:20


Repeatedly the Bible declares"The just shall live by faith." The essence of the Christian experience is faith. Faith to believe in Jesus as Savior and Life and then faith to walk in obedience to the Word of God. Every believer has experienced the erosion of faith due to various circumstances and personal decisions. The renewal of faith brings everything back to centered focus and restored fellowship with God."

Woman with Bible
Happy Family


Families matter to God - they are pivotal to the church and society. He delights in marriage because it pictures the relationship of Jesus to His church. The enemy attacks all marriage and family relationships as he seeks to turn people's hearts away from God. RTFM is all about encouraging families in every aspect.


Achieving total intimacy in marriage, enjoying effective years of parenting, and sending mature children into the world is within reach for anyone who will walk in the Spirit and let Jesus live Himself out in their home.


"I want to take the time to recommend to you George and Kathee Stepan and they're Rekindle the Flame Ministries.


We had them for a Family Conference and they truly blessed our congregation. Our people warmly received them and were edified by their ministry. George is a gifted preacher of the Word with a heart to see the church revitalized." 

 - Pastor Steve

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