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God Is Your Strength

1 Samuel 30:6

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6 Moreover David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered, each one because of his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.

David had just passed through a rare event for him and his army – a loss! David and his six hundred men had an arrangement with the Philistines that allowed them to base military operations out of the city of Ziklag and all went well until the day they came home to a burned-out city and their families captured and carried away. No one was killed, but spouses and children were gone. This was a very similar situation to the fires that recently destroyed 900+ structures in Superior, CO.

Only 1 fatality, but entire subdivisions were reduced to ashes. In the face of such tragedy, plus families were taken away, the men bitterly spoke of stoning David, crying until they could cry no more. Have you ever been in a situation where you were responsible for people or assets and suddenly it was all threatened along with you? David found himself distressed because his own normally loyal men were turning on him. What could he do, what should he do?

David did the right thing, he strengthened himself in the Lord his God. David knew how to draw close to God, and wait before Him as he meditated on His word, finding strength and courage to deal with the matters at hand. He inquired of the priest about attacking the Amalekites and utterly destroyed them and recovered all they had taken.

Are you facing an enemy today? Seek God’s direction and strength, then go on offense and recover what he has stolen as you believe God for victory. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world!

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