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2 Corinthians 5:17

Two women praying

A marvelous truth of the Gospel is that when you believe in Jesus and are born again, you are given a brand new life that has no baggage.

Your slate is wiped clean, the sins and mistakes are forever gone, never to be heard of again, and you start over, a being who never existed before with new things constantly manifesting.

That’s called regeneration, being made alive by virtue of the Christ-life (see Galatians 2:20). That is your position in Christ and in the view of God it is done and complete. In practicality, your moment-by-moment experience is progressive as the details of your new life become fully orbed reality.

The joy of spiritual reality is that you are saved into a guaranteed perfection at the moment you are born again, then you spend the rest of your life being conformed to the Christ who lives His life out through you as you surrender yourself to Him.

Is Jesus calling for changes in your life? Can you see changes He has made already? Are some changes easier than others? That’s all good, be patient but determined that He has His way with you – you’re gonna make it!

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