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Everyone at some time or other has to deal with negative thinking. Some have called it “stinkin’ thinkin”. It’s the kind of thoughts that paralyze because of the shame or fear they produce. Ignorance is the greatest cause of being victimized by such ideas. Not knowing what God says or not believing and receiving what He says can leave anyone in a tail-spin.


This is a study in the Word designed to bring Mental & Emotional strength to anyone who has been pestered by negative thinking. Then you can move into specific biblical answers to 10 insidious lies. These lies are generated by satan, people, or just your own mind reacting to things like physical illness, difficult circumstances or pain. In any case, God answers them directly and powerfully. If you will believe Him and receive His Word, He’ll set you free! Paperback book by George and Kathee Stepan.

God's Answers to Ten Lies

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