Garden Waterfall

of Faith


If you get lost, remember that Your Faith can move mountains...

The Stages Of Faith

Lesson 1. Hearing God's Voice

You can hear God's voice as you meditate in His Word. He wants intimate fellowship with you. Get quiet before Him and you'll be surprised

The Stages Of Faith

Lesson 2. Obeying God's Voice

Abram heard God's call and mostly obeyed it, but not quite. He later regretted that. Obeying God is all about absolute surrender.

The Stages of Faith

Lesson 3. A Faith Lapse

Early in most people's faith experience comes a distraction that can pull them off course. It ends up being a learning experience...

The Stages of Faith

Lesson 4. Consequences and Confirmation

When you get lost, the best thing to do is go back to something familiar and re-orient. God is ready to restore and take care of everything.

The Stages Of Faith

Lesson 5. Family Issues and Tithing

Lot continued to be a reminder to obey God 100%. Abram rescued him and his family from the war of the kings. The King of Salem blessed him...

The Stages Of Faith

Lesson 6. God's Covenant with Abram

God reiterated His promises to Abram who questioned what He was doing. God reassured him that he would be the father of a child...

The Stages Of Faith

Lesson 7. Let Me Help You, God

When God doesn't move quickly enough for us we tend to begin working things out on our own and presenting Him with our substitutions.