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Peace Among Men

Luke 2:13

Rekindle The Flame Ministries

And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, 14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”

Maybe the greatest need worldwide is the need for peace, and it is also one of the most elusive things to procure. It reminds me of the Whack-a-mole game at Chuckie Cheeze. With 9 or so of those mole critters coming out of their holes at various speeds, you feel real good to get maybe half of them down at any moment. In real life, we have border issues, plus problems with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, China, and more. About the time everything is calmed down with one set of these, out of nowhere comes a new crisis.

Various individuals have invested their careers in trying to negotiate lasting peace and haven’t accomplished very much. Jesus was heralded as the dispenser of peace and it still looks like an arduous task as He gets minimal cooperation. I want to direct you to Revelation 19:11-19 where you can read one short paragraph describing His Second coming – a sharp contrast to the Rapture which happens about 7 years earlier. Jesus is offering grace, mercy, and peace in connection with the Rapture, but judgment, mayhem, and destruction will mark the Second Coming.

Right now is the time to come to the Cross of grace and mercy and believe in the Jesus of salvation. Bring family and friends with you and watch the glorious peace invade your lives as individuals respond to His invitation to believe in Him and receive Jesus as their personal Savior.

Don’t forget that Jesus is dispensing peace right now to everyone who will submit to Him and receive Him as Savior.

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